Application Fees are NON REFUNDABLE

Qualifications:  Qualifications to rent include: 

1) All Applicants, with the exception of  the Applicant's children, must be at least 18 years of age and provide  photo identification;

 2) As a general guideline, the monthly rent amount  may not exceed 30% of the Applicant’s net monthly income and the  Applicant’s total monthly debt shall not exceed 50% of the Applicant’s  gross monthly income.  Income must be verified with the two most recent  pay stubs and will be confirmed either verbally or in writing by the  Applicant’s employer. 

3) Applicant's must have a satisfactory rental  history and credit history (no under 550 scores); 

4) A background check  will be performed to ensure that an Applicant has committed no felonies  or sexual offenses; Watts Property Management MAY accept non-violent  crimes older than 10 years, at the sole discretion of the landlord/owner  

5) Any bankruptcies must be at least one year old with satisfactory  credit re-established; and no open chapter 11 or 13 

6) Any Applicant without  current employment MAY be approved to rent, but the Applicant must pay  advance rent (number of months to be determined), in addition to the  security deposit;

 7) Applicants must have no unresolved evictions on his  or her record within the past 2 years. If an applicant owes monies to a  previous landlord, they must provide proof of a payment plan to pay off  the debt and confirmation of acceptance by the previous landlord.  

Are  you a US citizen?  If so, please provide proof.  (birth certificate or  passport will work) a: If not, are you lawfully in this country?   (Landlord does not rent to persons who are not lawfully in the country,  or who will not be "lawfully present" during the term of the lease).  If  yes, please provide proof/documentation. b: If you are not lawfully in  this country or your "lawful presence" status has or will expire before  the end of the term of the lease, then we cannot rent to you. 

Please go to the Rentals section and find the rental you want to apply for and click the APPLY NOW button for a application.

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