What is your pet policy?

Pet acceptance varies by each property. Some properties accept any pet and others are more specific on the type of pet, weight, and breed. We do not accept dogs or cats under a year of age. Our policy is a $200 nonrefundable pet deposit per pet and an extra $25 a month per pet. Some owners do require a larger pet deposit so please inquire for the property you are interested in. 


How much is a security deposit?

The general practice is that a security deposit is the same as one month's rent. 

 Are utilities included in rent?

This varies by location. Some of our properties are on a well so there  would be no water bill. Some properties have an owner that pays for trash pick up or lawn care as a courtesy. Please ask us what's included for the property you are interested in. 

Do you know what properties will be available in two months or more down the road?

All  of our tenants sign a one year lease. Once that year is up they have  the choice to sign for another year, go month-to-month, or move out within 30 days. For this reason, we are unable to forsee vacancies into the somewhat distant future. Our vacancies change week to week with us having people move out and us taking over new properties to manage. Please check our site for current availability.  

Are any of your properties rent to own?

We currently and typically do not have any properties that fall under this category. Should we get one, we will post that information in the  property information. If you are looking to purchase a home, please  check out Watts ARA 

Do you accept Section 8?

Accepting the housing voucher is up to each home owner whose property we manage. At times, we do have some available so we are sure to post that information in the property listing.  

What appliances are included?

We are responsible for almost every properties refrigerator and stove. Some properties have dishwashers and some even include a washer and dryer. Please ask about these appliances and their upkeep when you are looking  at a property. 

 What is the process to move in?

First,  anyone over 18 years of age  must fill out their own application and be  approved. Once approved, you have one week to put the security deposit  down to hold the property for you. We can only hold a property up to 30  days as long as the owner doesn't require an immediate move in.